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All new Moose 3D scanner series by 3DMakerpro: Technical specifications and pricing

High-precision 3D scanner manufacturer 3DMakerpro has launched its new Moose 3D scanner series.

Scheduled for release today, March 28th, the handheld scanners offer a seamless blend of user-friendly features and powerful scanning capabilities, catering to beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike. Priced at $699 for Moose and $399 for Moose Lite, these devices aim to make 3D scanning accessible to a wider audience. Additionally, the company is offering an early bird discount of approximately 35% off for both Moose and Moose Lite from March 28th to April 28th.

“Launching Moose and Moose Lite is a significant step forward in handheld 3D scanning. We’re excited to offer intuitive features and impressive performance to users. As we continue to innovate at 3DMakerpro, Moose provides an easy entry for expert 3D scanning and modeling.” says 3DMakerpro.

3DMakerpro’s new Moose 3D scanner series. Image via 3DMakerpro.

Specializing in 3D scanning devices, 3DMakerpro aims to offer professional-grade solutions accessible to consumers. Established in 2015 as an overseas Shenzhen Jimuyida Technology Co., Ltd. brand, the company is recognized within the 3D service industry. 

Its team, comprising over 100 R&D members, has independently developed various software algorithms, including the multi-spectral projection system, visual tracking, no-marking registration algorithm, and automatic model processing algorithm. With a commitment to R&D, 3DMakerpro has invested over $30 million, says the company. 

3DMakerpro holds more than 60 patents and has been awarded over 30 software copyright patents. Moreover, its software R&D system is certified at CMMI level 3, while its quality system is certified by ISO 9001.

AI Visual System and 24-bit Color Camera

The Moose scanner introduces a range of novel features to elevate the 3D scanning process. Through AI Visual Tracking, it employs advanced algorithms to intelligently identify scanned vulnerabilities, enabling seamless automated model repair. With its 24-bit color camera, Moose ensures the restoration of true colors with utmost accuracy, providing users with vibrant and precise representations. Leveraging Blue light technology, Moose attains a remarkable true-to-life accuracy level of up to 0.03mm. 

3DMakerpro has partnered with Oqton, the developer of Geomagic Wrap, to enhance Geomagic Wrap for 3DMakerpro, a sophisticated 3D modeling software enabling users, particularly advanced ones, to further refine and edit 3D models. This collaboration serves to bridge the gap between 3D scanning and CAD, improving the customer journey and experience at a reduced cost. 

According to the company, this marks a significant stride in the 3D industry, as 3DMakerpro delivers professional-grade hardware capabilities, complemented by Oqton’s robust software capabilities. Together, these two entities achieve synergistic cooperation, exploring the 3D scanning market and unlocking new practical possibilities.

Beginner-friendly design with high accuracy

Its Anti-Shake Modules, featuring “Beginner-Friendly” optical anti-shake technology, guarantee stability during scanning, while the Marker-Free Technology eliminates the need for markers, simplifying the entire process. Moreover, users can enjoy lifetime free OTA software updates via JMStudio Software, ensuring continuous enhancement of the scanning experience with ease and convenience.

Targeting the demographic of DIY, 3D printing enthusiasts, and those interested in miniature modeling, Moose appeals primarily to individuals aged 20-45, with a focus on male audience. Geographically, North America, Western Europe, and Japan are identified as key markets for these scanners, according to the company.

Moose 3D scanners face difficulties scanning transparent, reflective, and intricately detailed objects like hair. Hair’s thinness and movement challenge scanners, especially with structured light or laser tech, while reflective surfaces need specialized calibration to manage light reflections. Transparent objects add complexity due to light transmission and refraction. However, a spray can help solve the scanning difficulty in transparent and reflective objects, says the company.

3DMakerpro company logo. Image via 3DMakerpro.

Technical specifications of the Moose 3D scanner series

Potential customers can visit the official page to learn more about the Moose 3D scanner series.

SpecificationsMooseMoose Lite
Single capture range200 x 100mm200 x 100mm
Work distance:150 – 400mm150 – 400mm
Light source: Blue LEDNIR
Color textureColor textures 24-bitMono textures
Frame rate: 10fps10fps
Typical object sizes: 15 – 1500mm15 – 1500mm
USB interface: USB2.0USB2.0
Dimensions: 120 x 60 x 35mm120 x 60 x 35mm

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Featured image shows the Moose 3D scanner series. Photo via 3DMakerpro.